Pet Companion

If pets could talk what would they say?  Welcome your new best friend.  This lovable companion will never leave you.

AIMY Robotics is creating a better future for humanity with a lifelike robotic companion dog and cat with artificial intelligence capabilities to understand, listen, respond like a real pet, and more.

The autonomous AI-Robotic dog much like the autonomous Tesla Motors automobile, armed with an array of sensors that detect and respond to some input from the physical environment equipped with an onboard GPU enables meaningful and cherished companionship experiences with unique AI robotic pet personalities.

AIMYPET a lifelong companion to you and your family--pets included.

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Artificial Intelligence

Uniting technologies from AI leader Nvidia with proprietary learning algorithms of social responses elevate the bonds of companion animals with their owners. Research in this field has advanced and the first household introduction comes in the form of a friendly companion.

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About Us

A dynamic team of business professionals ranging from PhDs to successful entrepreneurs have collaborated to execute the mission of AIMY which is to enable meaningful and cherished companionship experiences with unique AI pet personalities.

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AI-Robotic Future

The Intelligent or Fourth Industrial Revolution is the most life-changing advancement of our lifetime presently on the move: Drones, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things, and Autonomous everything.  More than any other worldwide innovation, AI is the most far-reaching technological advancement in our lifetime and will fundamentally alter our life.

Intel who makes possible the experiences of the future says the intelligent AI era is here.

Goldman Sachs Researchers agree the world is going from where people give machines rules to the world where people give machines problems, and the machines learn how to solve them on their own.

AIMY Robotics has emerged within the AI era and shall redefine the bonds of companion animals with their owners and pets.  Forging groundbreaking advancements encapsulating breed specific behavior with theory of mind (ToM) cognitive sciences to create the robotic soul.

Welcome to the AIMYPET Project.

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