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Our Approach

Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Technology will be Redefining Companion Animal Bonds.  AIMY is the future where Robotic and AI technologies come together.

Why AI.  Scientist and researchers say the turning point has been reached for the most far-reaching technological advancement in our lifetime that will fundamentally alter our life.  The world is going from where people give machines rules to the world where people give machines problems, and the machines learn how to solve them on their own.

AIMY is uniting groundbreaking AI technologies that will elevate the bonds of companion animals with their owners.  Research in this field has advanced and the first household introduction is coming in the form of a friendly pet companion.


Meet the Team


Dr. Will Smith, PhD

Founder and CEO of a successful pet health insurance company and author of published works on big data and drones.


Cognitive Robotic Scientist


Recognized AI & Robotics Faculty member at Singularity University and Dean of Cognitive Science at Exosphere Academy

Meet the Team

AI & Robotics Engineering

Martin Woodall

For over 40 years Martin Woodall has been on the leading edge of The Third Industrial Revolution commonly called The Digital Age. Mr. Woodall will be the inspirational visionary of artificial intelligence GPU Accelerated Computing technologies for the robotic companions.


Operational Strategy

Dr. Peng Chan, PhD, LLD

Recognized published tenured professor and Who’s Who Among Asian Americans, and Who’s Who Among Global Leaders.

Meet the Team

Senior Business Advisor

Dr. Michael Olsher, PhD

A distinguished lecturer in Economics and Entrepreneurship, senior business executive, and seasoned university professor with published works in the areas of Business Design Landscape and Pillars of Entrepreneurship. Serving in senior management to the world’s largest metals and minerals companies he possesses a deep-rooted business acumen with developing startup companies.



Joseph Emas Attorney at Law

External general and corporate counsel

Meet the Team

Product Marketing

Sally Robison

Recognized marketing and sales executive promoting IT technologies and services to Fortune 1000 companies.


Advisory Board Chairman

Jim Jensen

An active member of the World Presidents’ Organization and former CEO of two companies which became leaders in their respective industries.  Presently he provides executive coaching to emerging growth and midsize companies in addition to being an international speaker and bestselling author of the book 7 KEYS TO Unlock Your Full Potential.


Meet the Team

Engineering Partners

AI & Robotics

Hanson Robotics key executives creator of 'Sophia' the world's most progressed lifelike humanoid robot.  Ghost Robotics creators of a 4-legged platform for robot animals.  Nvidia industry leader in visual AI computing and inventor of GPU.  EmoShape developer of the emotion chip to create sentient robot features.  Bressler Group researchers, IoT innovators, designers and product development engineers.  Disney Accelerator Program - AIMY to be an applicant in 2018.



Behavioral Scientist

Daniel Epstein, MS, LMHC 

Lead designer and integrator of psychological breed-specific behaviorism and therapeutic applications within the neural deep-learning robotic technologies.