NVIDIA Welcomes AIMY Into Inception Program

August 24, 2017, NVIDIA after careful review welcomed AIMY Robotics into their Inception Program for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startups.  NVIDIA determined that AIMY was a great fit for its Inception Program and helping to advance the field of AI in a meaningful way.

As a member of the NVIDIA Inception Program, AIMY Robotics is strategically aligned with NVIDIA who accelerates AI startups with powerful GPU tools, tech, and deep learning expertise.

Membership is for the few.  With only 1,300 NVIDIA Inception Program Members six (6) selected AI Startups were recently recognized—May 2017—to change the world.  Joining NVIDIA CEO in awarding these companies included executives from Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Investments, SoftBank, Microsoft and Coatue Management.

Team AIMY is excited and respectful for this opportunity. The extensive NVIDIA resources will contribute significantly to the successful introduction of the AIMYPET Project.  AIMY Robotics is creating a better future for humanity with a lifelike robotic companion dog or cat with artificial intelligence capabilities to understand, listen, respond like a real pet, and more.

Utilizing continuous real time deep learning, pioneered by Google DeepMind, combined with AI Affective Computing, which is where devices can recognize, interpret, process, and simulate human experiences, feelings or emotions this AI-Robotic dog will delight, comfort, help, love and assist its owner in a variety of ways.  The elderly and military veterans with not only companionship but medical health monitoring assistance; hospitalized medically challenged children with hope and unwavering inspiration; and to people around the world as their new best friend with expression, interactive conversation and the never-ending pursuit to provide lifelong happiness to the owner.

AIMY enables meaningful and cherished companionship experiences with unique AI robotic pet personalities. Learn more at aimyrobotics.com and follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/aimyrobotics.