Pet Companion


The visionary Artificial Intelligent Robotic Dog

AIMY envisions the AIMYPET to be a lifelike robotic companion dog that possesses sophisticated artificial intelligence capabilities that enable it to behave and communicate in a manner meaningfully comparable to the experience of a real, organic pet.

The AIMYPET is an envisaged as an autonomous AI‐Robotic dog, comparable in many ways to the autonomous functions on a Tesla automobile. It will be equipped with an array of sensors that detect
and respond to input from the physical environment through a powerful onboard GPU. Emotional and Cognitive processes will also enable meaningful and cherished companionship experiences for users, with each robotic dog possessing a unique AI personality.

4-Legged Platform: Production AIMYPET is based on the Ghost Robotics Vision 30 (smaller)

4-Legged Platform Video: AIMYPET prototype utilizes the Ghost Robotics Vision 60model.  Video displays Vision 60 at the National Defense Industrial Assoc. Conference April 10, 2018.